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How to Host Thanksgiving in a Small Space

I am hosting my first Thanksgiving. I am excited but as the day draws closer I am hitting some minor speed bumps.

 My first dilemma, how to make a turkey and a ham at the same time?  My oven will only fit the turkey. Solution, I found a recipe to cook ham in the crock pot.  

Hosting any gathering can test one’s ability to roll with the punches but you have to be extra creative when hosting in a small space.  In preparation of my upcoming thanksgiving meal I have gathered 5 tips to maximize space and eliminate stress when hosting Thanksgiving in a small space.

1)     Plan ahead. Like in my case consider your cooking capabilities before shopping. How can I feed an army with one oven? One, ask guests to bring dishes and two, consider what can be prepared ahead of time or with different methods.  Solve seating issues before your guest arrive.

2)     Clean up before guests arrive to free up the space. With no dishes in the sink you can fill with sink with ice and use to chill wine or sodas. Big drinkers? Consider filling a tub with ice to serve as a cooler. Get creative; think how you can use the rest of the house. Clear off book shelves in the living room and turn them into a dessert showcase.

3)     Serve food buffet style. This is a great way to bring guest together to mingle if you can’t have them all sit around one table.  You don’t have to have all the food out at once. Use smaller platters and keep the rest of the food warm in the oven (either turned low or still warm from the turkey). Refill platters as needed.

4)     Think of ways to declutter. Don’t have a coat closet? Designate a bedroom for everyone to drop their coats and purses. This will keep the items off the couch and open up the amount of usable space. Splurge on nice disposable plates. It cuts down on cleaning  and the pile up of dishes on the counter.

5)     Relax. Lot of people in a small space is hectic enough. If the host is calm and enjoying the time, the guest will follow suit.  Don’t point out flaws of a small space, embrace it. If your guests are enjoying the company they won’t think twice about having to sit on a pillow at a coffee table.

So here’s to you, brave host of Thanksgiving.  Have fun and remember your guests are just happy that they don’t have to host this year.