Should You Clean Your Home Before a Showing?

When it comes to selling your home, experts have some pro-tips on what you should and shouldn’t do before a showing. Showings are when potential buyers take a walk through your home, and identify what fits their personal needs, interests, style choice, and overall wish for living. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so if you’re serious about buying, it’s important that you prepare your home for the most successful showings.

It is recommended that you take the following cleaning procedures before showing your home to realtors and potential buyers.

Cleaning in the Best Way for Selling

Cleaning your home for comfortable living is one thing. It’s what you do on a weekly basis to ensure your home is an easy place to return to after a long day of work, entertain in on any given night of the week, and simply live in without messy carpets or belongings all over the place. Cleaning your home is a regular task, while cleaning your home for selling is much different.

 De-Clutter by Storing Personal Items Away

When potential buyers enter your home, the greatest way for them to decide whether or not it’s right for them is to be able to envision it with their own furniture and belongings. Having your bin full of blankets sitting next to the couch, or your dresser covered in photo frames is a wholesome touch to making your house feel like a home, but these decorative techniques are discouraged against for the sake of house showings. Clutter is not appealing to anyone. In order to successfully sell a house, experts recommend you remove items that crowd a room or take attention away from the house itself. Remember, people are not looking to buy your stuff, they’re looking to buy your walls.

Vacuum the Floors

Everyone loves that fresh, clean feeling you get from newly vacuumed floors. The track lines left on the carpet are highly satisfying, and a newly vacuumed floor gives a great impression of care and maintenance that has been regularly performed on the home.

Deep Clean the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a really big draw for home buyers. People don’t want to see the cleaning that needs to be done, they want to envision a fresh bath or a hot shower. Relaxing in your new bathroom is not something to be imagined if the potential bathroom looks dirty, or stained. Keep in mind what you would be looking for in a brand new house, and remember that people’s greatest investments are their homes. Nobody wants to spend money on a home they don’t feel comfortable in.


Before showing your home, it’s important that you clean your windows, and adjust the blinds for potential buyers to be able to see the views and outside elements that could factor into their interest in your home. The way natural light flows into the house is something that a potential buyer will take notice of. Streaky windows, and window coverings that are not optimized for natural sunlight could leave the appearance of natural light, less than impressive.

Sell your Colorado real estate and get the most from your property with the above tips today!